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Experience superior performance and durability with Candid Ferrocast's advanced CI and SG castings.
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Candid Ferrocast delivers top-of-the-line disc brakes, engine blocks, and more for optimal performance.

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Candid Ferrocast, formerly known as Sunlight Technocast since 2013, has recently undergone a transformation in 2023 to emerge with a fresh image, new goals, and a commitment to innovation. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we specialize in the production of a wide range of high-quality products catering to various sectors.

At Candid Ferrocast, we combine decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched quality and reliability in CI Castings for the automotive industry. With our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we have elevated our production capacity to an impressive 1900 tons per Annum.

Jaydeep Raiyani - Shubham Rakholiya

Founders | Candid Ferrocast

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Discover our wide range of high-quality automotive components, including brake drums, engine blocks, and more, meticulously crafted for performance and reliability.
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Candid Ferrocast specializes in manufacturing disc brakes, drums, engine blocks, hubs, tractors manifolds, heavy earthmover parts, and other automotive components using CI casting and SG casing. Our recent project has introduced new ideas, innovations, and tools, enabling us to achieve a production capacity of 1900 tons per Annum.


Uncompromising quality is at the heart of Candid Ferrocast's products, delivering excellence and reliability to meet the highest industry standards.


Candid Ferrocast ensures your products arrive on time, every time! Efficiency is our Priority: Count on Candid Ferrocast for prompt and dependable deliveries.



At Candid Ferrocast, our mission is to establish ourselves as the market leader in the industry and set the highest benchmarks in terms of quality, reliability, and on-time delivery. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations by consistently delivering superior products and services that meet and surpass industry standards.



Our vision at Candid Ferrocast is to be a trusted provider of high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring customer delight in every interaction. We aim to become a recognized industry leader by continuously improving our processes, investing in advanced technologies, and fostering a culture of innovation. By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating market trends, we seek to offer our customers the best solutions that meet their evolving needs.

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